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Cost engineering is a true profession that can only be performed well with a combination of solid knowledge and experience. The courses in the Cost Engineering Academy are focused on teaching people the principles and methodologies of the cost engineering profession, combined with practical examples and cases.

Whether you are a beginner or have been working in the field for years, the courses of the Academy always add depth to your knowledge. It is even possible to become officially certified according to the AACE International standards.

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Cost Engineering Courses

The Academy courses take place at Cost Engineering’s office in the Netherlands, on the following dates:

The work planner (Dutch: ‘werkvoorbereider’) is the important link between the technicians in the field, the schedulers and cost engineers. This makes a career as a work planner both exciting and challenging. For people who want to make the step to become a work planner it is important to have the required skills and knowledge. The Work Planning course is a tailored education program, teaching the techniques and methodologies that make the difference between an excellent and a good work planner.

Dates Oct 12, Nov 2, Nov 23 (2015)
Price € 1.785,-

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A great quality estimate is the first step in keeping the cost of your project within budget. But any first step needs a follow up to be successful. Cost control is the natural follow up for your estimates. As technical solutions are being implemented, well executed cost control gives you a greater grip on the success factors of your projects.

Dates Nov 10 & 11 (2015)
Jun 14 & 15 (2016)
Nov 8 & 9 (2016)
Price € 1.190,-

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A cost engineer is at the center of the project team. With his combined technical and cost expertise the cost engineer is crucial in making a project profitable. The Cost Engineering Skills & Knowledge (CESK) certification course at the Cost Engineering Academy is your first step towards occupying that vital position in a project team and towards a successful career in cost engineering or project management.

Dates Oct 7 - 9 (2015), Nov 4 - 6 (2015), Jan 6 - 8 (2016)
Oct 5 - 7 (2016), Nov 2 - 4 (2016), Jan 11 - 13 (2017)
Price € 4.950,-

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Practicing the art of cost engineering means walking a fine line between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. If you are part of a team which tries to complete any type of project in an industrial environment, a basic knowledge of cost engineering will allow you to control the cost involved in your project.

The Introduction Course Cost Engineering by the Cost Engineering Academy teaches you the basics of cost estimation, cost control and planning. You will learn basic terminology and approaches for these three fields and you will learn the way in which these three fields interconnect.

After that, the Introduction Course Cost Engineering will focus on estimating. You will learn more specific approaches to estimating and their related terms. You will also learn what estimates can be used at what stages of your projects. This makes the Introduction Course Cost Engineering a great course for project managers.

As the Cost Engineering Academy emphasizes practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge, a number of small cases will be done during the introduction course. This helps you familiarize with the knowledge you have just gained and apply it to real world situations.

Dates Mar 14 - 17 (2016)
Sept 19 - 22 (2016)
Price € 2.250,-

Download the brochures for this course: Introduction, Estimating, Factor Estimating & Estimating of Engineering.



* Price including lunch and study material, excluding travel and accomodation.

Approved Education Provider

Cost Engineering Consultancy is certified by the AACE International as an Approved Education Provider (AEP). This guarantees:


  • High quality courses
  • Certified teachers
  • 0.1 CEU (credit) per contact hour

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