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Since 1996, Cost Engineering Consultancy has been the partner for more than 250 companies in streamlining and optimizing their cost estimating work process. These projects take place all around the world and are executed at both our home office in the Netherlands and at the client's location. We are specialists in the development of cost estimates. We do this for large international clients, taking responsibility for projects with multi-million budgets in the oil and gas industry.

The consultants working at Cost Engineering Consultancy have expertise in the complex variables that determine the cost calculation of a project. Variables that are involved in the cost estimating process are for example: material prices, labour cost, productivity, (profit) margins, time schedules, etc. These variables are combined with a strong cost management, to provide clear and straightforward advice to our clients.

Cost Engineering Consultancy in Zwijndrecht is looking for Master students who completed their study in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. During a traineeship of three years you will be trained and educated to become a full-grown Cost Engineer. From the start, you will be involved in challenging projects, allowing you to quickly see the effects of your input in the client's end result. You will have much freedom within the company, but assistance is always available when needed. Furthermore, during this period you will participate in training courses and certification programs. For this traineeship it is required to speak Dutch and English fluently.

Cost Engineering Consultancy has international clients, which means that part of the work could take place in other parts of the world. For instance, you could be sent to South Africa to prepare a major project for a local client. There are other projects in Canada, Australia, North- and South America and of course in Europe. The duration of a project can vary between a few weeks to a couple of months.

Cost Engineering makes use of an in-house developed application named Cleopatra Enterprise. This software tool – written in JAVA language – assists the cost engineers in making the cost estimates and thorough analyses. Next to a technical background, it is therefore important that you have affinity with mathematics, statistics and engineering software. Because the software development takes place in-house, your ideas can eventually contribute to improvements in the software.

Education programs

The education programs that are part of the Cost Engineering traineeship, are:

  • DACE certification: duration two years;
  • AACE certification: duration six months;
  • Internal courses provided by Cost Engineering Consultancy.

So are you the person who likes to travel the world, likes the connection between engineering and economics and looking for a challenge that suits your university degree? Then Cost Engineering Consultancy offers you a real challenge!

Apply for this function

If you would like to apply for this function, please send an email with your resume and motivation letter (in English) to