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One of the youngest yet fastest growing industries in the world is renewable energy. Public and political interest has increased dramatically after a long list of reports focusing on depletion of natural resources and climate change. As a result, projects in this sector are growing fast, both in terms of complexity and investments. It is therefore no surprise that those projects can no longer be estimated nor managed on a single Excel sheet, but require professional knowledge and skills to ensure future projects remain successful.

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Cost Engineering

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Cost Engineering has not only served its clients in estimating, but also in areas like planning, cost control, contracting, quantity surveying, auditing, validation, asset verification, cost management, claim mediation, contract control and risk analysis. This makes Cost Engineering the default choice for many of our clients.



Planning is vital for the success of your projects. Each day a project gets behind schedule results in lost revenues. A good planner keeps an eye on progress, scope changes, as well as all outside factors which could influence the planning. Cost Engineering understands the importance of these influences and can assist you in developing a realistic planning for your projects. This ensures a tight integration between time, resources, and costs.

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