On November 2nd the latest update of the knowledgebase for Cleopatra Enterprise is available. The original knowledgebase is based on the labour norms developed by the DACE. These norms consist of 600 items. The newest update is improved on various levels. The number of unit rates have been multiplied by ten, and herewith increased from 600 to 6000! The newest update is future proof and suitable for further expansion.

Major improvements have been made on the side of Electrical & Instrumentation. The biggest lack in the former cost library is solved, in the supply-level material rates and equipment rates are added. Furthermore the issue that cables are in a big maze of different country and supplier specific types of cables, Cost Engineering developed a cost library of a wide variety of cables not specified by type, but by construction and functionality specifications.

In the electrical equipment items for example you will find modifications made on generators, motors and transformers. In the field instruments items unit rates on installation materials (eg. cable guidance and support) are added.

A large variety of activities are included to cover green field, brown field and D&R projects. Also the various disciplines throughout the whole knowledgebase are aligned.

And perhaps the biggest improvement to maximize efficiency and to increase the level of user friendliness the search structure has been enhanced.

Cost Engineering will continuously perfect the knowledgebase to keep it up-to –date for its clients.

All clients who have a maintenance contract for the knowledgebase will receive the update automatically. Are you interested to receive the update to increase efficiency and wider possibilities in cost engineering,
please contact or contact Mr. K. des Bouvrie on  +31 (0)78 620 0910                .