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Sharing knowledge

At Cost Engineering Consultancy our goal is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the cost engineering profession. Therefore we like to share our knowledge and expertise, for example through our Cost Engineering Academy.

The white papers that you can download from this page, will give the reader a broader insight in the cost engineering principles and methodologies.

  • Locations and productivity factors

    It is tempting to think that you can simply take an existing plant and create that same asset in a different location for the same cost. Sadly, there’s no such thing as identical projects. However, management often seems to think so. What to keep in mind when building a plant abroad? This article zooms into some of the location and productivity factors and gives an insight on how to obtain them.

  • Optimizing the Design-to-Cost Cycle

    In this article, as published in the leading Chemical Engineering magazine, Cost Engineering Consultancy provides insight into how the business processes related to process design can be better integrated into the processes of the cost engineering department. Focus is not just on the people working in those fields, but also on the tools they use and how integrating them can save both time and money. 

  • Cost Engineering Event 2015 Magazine

    Cost Engineering is proud to welcome you to the Cost Engineering Event 2015, the fifth edition of the most important cost engineering event in Europe. Nowadays we see more and more pressure for projects to be delivered in time, within the established budget and with the best quality. Therefore, the theme for this year’s Event is “Cost Estimating and Project Control: Closing the loop”. A title that refl ects the necessity of bringing estimating and…