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At Cost Engineering continued support to our clients is of the highest importance. Therefore, we offer various support channels to quickly get in touch with our software support experts.

Contact Support

Directly get in touch with someone from our support team.

Tel.: +31 (0)85 888 90 70


Cleopatra Enterprise Support

Connect to Cleopatra Demonstration

Connect to Cleopatra Demonstration

After you have scheduled a Cleopatra Enterprise demo we will host a web-meeting which makes it possible to share our desktop applications with you through the web. This enables us to give you a live demonstration of our software and share our presentations.

Global Support System

Global Support System

Our global support system provides a dedicated platform where you will find useful tips and FAQs about Cleopatra Enterprise. Here you can also contact our support experts and keep track of your current and previous communication with them.
Download Teams

Remote Support

To allow our support team to provide remote support we make use of Teams. This application makes it possible to share your screen, so we can quickly find the right solution.


Login File Manager

File Manager

Exchange documents that cannot be send by regular email.