Our partners

Cost Engineering partners with a selection of top service and data providers worldwide to offer solutions that seamlessly fit to your needs.


AACE International

GF Piping

Plastic piping product range to support Hydrogen, Refining and Waste water among other speciality chemicals segment.

AVEVA - Schneider Electric

North America


Richardson Online Cost Database

Latin America


Qualidados is a project management specialist based in Brazil who offers engineering services and support. By joining Qualidados on the mission to support their clients, we aim to successfully execute their project maintenance shutdown and turnarounds, and capital projects.

Verano Engenharia de Sistemas

Since 1982, Verano has been offering implementation services of their top-tier software and training professionals from various industries focusing on South America. As Cost Engineering, we join Verano in providing custom-fit solutions to all of our clients while boosting innovation and digital revolution within our markets!

Koff & Guerrero and Validrisk

Koff & Guerrero has been implementing Project Controls services in investment projects worldwide. The connection between Cleopatra Enterprise and Koff & Guerrero will allow companies active in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina to meet their project needs in terms of cost, schedule & risk analyses.


Middle East

Interactive Group | Strategic Partner

Interactive Limited is a trusted advisor which offers various services for Project & Portfolio Management in the Middle East. By offering various services such as consultancy, software, trainings for end users, and implementation support including Data Migrations & Integrations, we intend to provide an added advantage in the region with our state-of-the-art project cost management solution.

Prime Technology Systems


Aman Associates | Strategic Partner

As a specialist in delivering quantity surveying and cost consultancy services in Nigeria, we aim to bring our state-of-the-art project cost management solution and industry knowledge to support Amman Associates to help local companies maximize their project execution profitability and build sustainable competitive advantage.