Cost estimates for the world

Cost estimates for the world's largest climate-positive facility

The climate is changing and it is already taking a measurable toll. One of the main drivers of climate change in the world is CO₂. While a certain amount of CO₂ is needed for life on earth to flourish, human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, have caused an imbalance: there is now too much carbon dioxide in the air. To reverse climate change, Climeworks is restoring a healthy balance of CO₂ by capturing CO₂ directly from the air using its direct air capture technology. The air-captured CO₂ can then either be recycled and used as a raw material, or completely removed from the air by safely storing it underground. For this project Cost Engineering created an independent cost estimate.

  • How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Project Controls Landscape: A Professional Services Perspective from Cost Engineering Consultancy

    We don’t think anyone has expected to stay at home this long, isolate ourselves, and keep each other safe by staying away from each other. But here we are, experiencing these all amid the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the self-quarantine measures and travel bans, some sectors are impacted heavily, and they are facing losses in the workforce. 

  • Risk Quantification: Key to Investment Decision Making, and Project Control

    To deliver an effective project plan, you need quality, targeted base cost and duration estimates. Cost estimating and scheduling use many techniques to translate project scope deliverable information into solid, integrated “base” estimates of time, costs and resources. However, all plans are uncertain and, at early scope definition phases, so too is the scope. So how are you going to deal with all the uncertainty? This is what Risk Quantification helps you with. 

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    Benchmarking is widely used by Engineering and Construction firms in order to assess the performance of projects. As a project controller, are you also applying this method or are considering applying it in order to maximize your profit? If so, are you sure that you are doing it right? Here are some common pitfalls you should avoid in order to ensure a successful implementation of benchmarking.

  • Untangling Cost Estimating for Renewable Energy

    In today’s world, the main challenge facing the industries is to meet the needs of an increasing population sustainably. The process and energy industry is responding to this situation by harnessing alternate sources of energy such as solar and wind energy.