The climate is changing and it is already taking a measurable toll. One of the main drivers of climate change in the world is CO₂. While a certain amount of CO₂ is needed for life on earth to flourish, human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, have caused an imbalance: there is now too much carbon dioxide in the air.

To reverse climate change, Climeworks is restoring a healthy balance of CO₂ by capturing CO₂ directly from the air using its direct air capture technology. The air-captured CO₂ can then either be recycled and used as a raw material, or completely removed from the air by safely storing it underground.

For this project Cost Engineering created an independent cost estimate.

Consultancy services for Climeworks

Climeworks is currently building its scaled-up direct air capture and storage plant in Iceland named "Orca". By capturing 4000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, Orca will be the world's largest climate-positive facility to date.

In parallel, Climeworks is already working on future generations of plants. The cost estimating consultants from Cost Engineering created the estimates for these projects.  


 *The world’s largest climate-positive direct air capture plant: Orca. Credit: Climeworks.

CAPEX cost estimates 

With their new direct air capture and storage plant Orca already in construction, Climeworks wants to keep scaling up their technology and take CO₂ removal to the next level.

One of the challenges Climeworks experienced was how to rapidly and accurately estimate the CAPEX of large plants early on in the design phase. Therefore, Climeworks searched for an independent organization to create the cost estimation when scaling their new technology.

After investigating potential solutions during a screening and selection process, Climeworks decided to choose for the experienced and certified consultants of Cost Engineering Consultancy to provide them with an independent estimate.


‘’One of the main reasons why we chose Cost Engineering Consultancy to create our cost estimates is their deep industry knowledge on large and complex projects.’’

- Maxime Tornier, R&D Project Manager at Climeworks


In conjunction with the proprietary costs delivered by Climeworks, the estimate was performed thanks to Cost Engineering Consultancy’s extensive cost database CESK.


  *Cost Engineering Consultants

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