Risk Quantification: Key to Investment Decision Making, and Project Control

We don’t think anyone has expected to stay at home this long, isolate ourselves, and keep each other safe by staying away from each other. But here we are, experiencing these all amid the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the self-quarantine measures and travel bans, some sectors are impacted heavily, and they are facing losses in the workforce. 

What does it mean?

The question is now ‘What does the coronavirus mean for the project controls landscape?’. Based on our experience, it sure doesn’t mean that everything stops right now, and we just stop trying. On the contrary, as always, we find a way to take care of each other.

How does it impact the major companies in the field?

In the last few days, we spent some time talking with our clients, some major companies in their industries, as they are the best observers of what is happening in the space.

They all say that the project controls work still has to get done and that they still need support from the professional services expertise and remote working at a time like this. The demand for our cost engineering consultants proves this.

How can we help each other?

At Cost Engineering Consultancy, we are able to support our clients with our expertise in remote working, and they can use this as leverage to maintain business continuity.

All that our consultants want for the world of project controls is to know that they are there to help with their greenfield, brownfield, and turnaround/maintenance projects. 

  • Coming from different backgrounds – such as (petro)chemical, mechanical, aerospace, civil, energy, offshore, and mining – our cost engineering consultants are specialized in cost estimation, cost controlling, risk managing, planning, tendering, and turnaround management.
  • They have all the tools, such as Skype and Microsoft Teams, in place for online meetings.
  • To create the best home office, they took their laptop, an additional screen(s), and in some cases, even their chair from the office.
  • All in all, they can still do their job and make sure all projects go as efficiently as possible.

Consultants available soon

We would already like to introduce you to some of our consultants who will be available soon.

Senior Cost Management Consultant

Based on many years of experience in the field of project cost management, our Senior Consultant understands and evaluates the needs and challenges of his clients in cost estimating, planning, cost control, benchmarking. With this understanding, he advises and implements possible improvements that help his clients succeed in managing their projects.

Mid-level Cost Engineering Consultant

A Mid-level Cost Engineering Consultant with a BSc. in Chemical and MSc. in Materials Engineering. For 2 years, she has been working at Cost Engineering Consultancy performing cost estimates, creating databases, helping our clients with the tenders. This consultant is also capable of advising on the project controls and total cost management techniques to improve project cost efficiency.

Senior E&I Cost Controller

20+ year experienced Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Cost Controller who can make a difference in your project. Next to his broad experience within the E&I, he has a good understanding and knowledge of Civil and Mechanical industries. This senior consultant has worked on projects from 10M to 30M as the Project Controller who took care of everything included in these big projects. During his career, he also worked on some smaller projects of 100K.


So if you need a specialist for one of your current or upcoming projects, do not hesitate to contact us

You can also learn more about our consultants on this page Please feel free to let us know other ways of helping each other.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep each other safe!


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