FB Management AB has joined forces with Cost Engineering to become the official reseller for Cleopatra Enterprise in the Nordic countries. One of FB Management’s visions is to help its customers to do the right things the right way. Integrated management of cost, time, resources and risk is a very important area to be able to complete this vision. Cleopatra Enterprise will be FB Management’s choice for creating best practices for cost and scope control throughout projects, programs and portfolios.

FB Management is part of the FB Group, one of Sweden's leading engineering groups. Its focus areas are industrial, infrastructure and construction markets. The total core of FB Management’s business is to offer industry qualified services in project management and control, business management and advanced simulations and calculations.

Cleopatra Enterprise is characterized by standardization and robustness without compromising on flexibility and simplicity and it will be a key tool in integrated tools and process solutions delivered by FB Management.

  With a process as close to reality as possible and with a tool so well adapted to the process as possible ensures that the right information reaches the right employees at the right time.

A well-mapped and a clearly rationalized process is a prerequisite for success in business development. The practice of routine and tools ensures that the right information is created

A tool well suited for processes with a uniquely suited functionality guides and supports the work of the business.