Today, Cost Engineering has released the latest version of Cleopatra Enterprise. With the launch of Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0, Cost Engineering has once again reached a milestone in estimating software. By adding allowances, escalation and contingencies to Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0, you can now cover all facets of estimating from within the program. And as Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0 now allows you to use factorized and parametric estimating, you can use Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0 even earlier in your project. An added benefit for you is that you can easily track the changes in your project estimates over time and the influence they have had on your project allowing you to keep your cost down.

Keeping that close eye on cost has become even simpler through other changes in Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0. This starts at the way you can assign both your direct and indirect cost to your breakdown structure. And it follows through all the way to the grand total screen. Here you will now see a more extensive report of the distribution of your costs both for your totals, but also for your disciplines, cost categories or breakdown structures. In between, you will also find that the functionality comparing your estimate against different knowledgebases has been enhanced to give you a much clearer idea of the impact of the changes in your situation.


Often your estimates will be used to determine the impact of a project for your organization. Clear cut decisions need to be made in regards to the return on investment or on the way a bid is made for a specific tendering situation. Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0 now answers these questions even clearer through its enhanced reports. You will find that allowances, escalation and contingencies can be included in your reports. You will also find that your cost reports can now be more specific than ever, including generating direct cost reports on any level of your estimate, to generating totals based on any of fields used in your estimate.

The best way to experience the improvements in Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0 is to see it for yourself. If you are a user of Cleopatra Enterprise, and you have a valid maintenance contract, you will be upgraded to Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0 automatically. If you do not use Cleopatra Enterprise, please use the form on our website to apply for a demonstration. Of course you are also welcome to call your Cost Engineering contact person to set an appointment for a personal demonstration. If you would want a complete overview of all changes in Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0 you can also take a look at the overview in the Cleopatra Enterprise 3.0 release notes.