In 2007 Cost Engineering hosted the first Cost Engineering Event. Over 120 people attended the international gathering of cost engineers in the Rotterdam region.

And next year it will happen again as Cost Engineering organizes the second Cost Engineering Event on April 15 and 16. And the 2009 edition will be even better. We are expecting great speakers from many different disciplines and with knowledge of all aspects of cost engineering. Most importantly, all speakers will come to this international event focusing on the value of good cost engineering for your organization. That is what cost engineering is all about. Adding value to your organization.

During the event there will also be ample opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences with likeminded cost engineers attending the event. In this way you may expect to learn not just from the speakers, but from your colleagues as well.

Like the previous edition, the Cost Engineering Event 2009 will be a busy event. However, there is a limited capacity, so make sure you secure your seat as soon as possible through our registration form.

For Certified Cost Engineers attending the Cost Engineering Event will give you points towards your certification.

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