From June 29th through July 2nd, a total of 800 attendees came to Toronto, Canada, to exchange experiences in the field of Cost Engineering at the AACE International's 52nd Annual Meeting & ICEC's 6th World Congress on Cost Engineering.

 Naturally, Cost Engineering participated in this congress that is at the heart of the cost engineering field worldwide. Both our cost estimating software as well as our indepth cost engineering expertise were shared with many of the visitors we met.

Cost Engineerings' CEO, Ko des Bouvrie, showed Cleopatra Enterprise to many interested visitors. During the combined showcase with Kildrummy, the advantages of data sharing were shown. In this case data from Cleopatra Enterprise was shared with Kildrummy's CostManager to show how your estimates can quickly and easily form the basis of your cost control.


Our Manager Cost Engineering, Aafje Jansen-Romijn presented 'How to perform a Location Factor Survey’ to full house of interested cost engineers. In her presentation she explained a different approach for gathering information on different locations. This approach avoids the preparation of full detail estimates to enable decision makers to assess potential sooner.

Both presentations were received well by the audiences. Feedback received from the audience was "Excellent topic" and "Well laid out and explained" amongst other things.

If you want to keep up to date on Cost Engineering developments, make sure you do not miss the next ICEC World Congres. And if you feel that you would like more information sooner, please reserve time in your schedule for the Cost Engineering Event which Cost Engineering will be organising in the spring of 2009. More information on the event can be had through sending an e-mail to