Cost Engineering Consultancy is proud to announce the extension of our business into China. This step is one of many to come, to expand the network of Cost Engineering Consultancy around the world. “China for us was a logical market to expand into.”, says technical director Ko des Bouvrie. “The fast growth within China and the interest shown by foreign companies to invest in China make it a market in which cost engineering is a growing necessity.” With an estimated 60 billion dollars in foreign investment every year and a growing economy, the possibilities are endless.

Cost Engineering Consultancy has established its new base in Shanghai. The fast growing city has over 45 trillion dollars in asset investments every year and the cities industry has an annual turnover of over 200 trillion dollars. With international and Chinese companies focusing more and more on managing costs, coupled with Shanghai’s double digit growth percentages the city has enormous potential for cost engineering and Cleopatra Enterprise.

Companies based in China which are interested in Cleopatra Enterprise can now be serviced more effectively by our Chinese office. From there demo’s, appointments and support can be given by our staff of four cost engineers. Early 2007 a delegation of Cost Engineering Consultancy will travel to Shanghai to do live demonstrations and do further training. Work has also started on a Chinese version of Cleopatra Enterprise, so Chinese companies can use it more effectively.

If you wish to receive more information on our Shanghai office, or would like to see a demonstration of what Cleopatra Enterprise can do for your company, please contact us on