Cost Engineering Software is proud to announce that we are on schedule with the development of Cleopatra Enterprise. Cleopatra Enterprise will be officially released at the end of November 2006. You will be informed later about the official launch of Cleopatra Enterprise. In that version the modules estimate and Websharing will be present. 

Cleopatra Enterprise is the latest development  of Cost Engineering Software. Cleopatra Enterprise is a powerful system to be designed by Cost engineer professionals for Cost Engineers. Created using client-server architecture to integrate fully with your corporate systems, Cleopatra Enterprise is scalable from a single project to your entire enterprise. 

When you are interested in Cleopatra Enterprise or want to know what Cleopatra Enterprise can do for your company, please contact or by phone: +31 (0)78 620 0910

On our webpage can you read more about Cleopatra Enterprise.