Cost Engineering is proud to announce the release of Cleopatra Enterprise 2.5. This release extends the functionality of Cleopatra Enterprise and adds a number of new features. Current customers can download the new version as of today.

Some highlights of this release are:
- Replace from knowledgebase (also known as sizing) feature;
- Role based security for reports;
- Advanced search and replace + replace all;
- Importing config data from previous versions;
- Exporting and importing user preference templates;
- Major performance improvements;
- Exporting estimates to Excel;
- Upgrade option for previous databases;
- Removing of components from content keys;
- Automatic refresh in multi-user environment;
- Added easy personal logging capabilities in config
- Editting of existing Take off sheets;
- New layout for calculation sheet dialog;
- User preferences: several screen layout aspects (eg. column ordering and visibility, dialog sizing and placement) are implicity saved and restored after start up;
- Workflow report;
- Many bug fixes;
In the coming weeks we will be writing more about some of these topics so stay tuned. Existing customers with a maintenance contract can dowload this update for free. If you are having trouble downloading this or would like to try the new release, please contact