After PDO paid a visit to the Netherlands and organized site-visits to Shell, NAM and CEC, they were convinced they should use our Cleopatra Estimating tool, to get more control over the gaps between the budget setting and the actual costs and to generate Benchmarks out of the detailed Cleopatra data. PDO is planning to make use of our detail-estimating solution Cleopatra, combining their high level budget-estimating program CapCost in creating a feedback loop from Cleopatra to CapCost.


In order to make a realistic schedule and implementation plan, we visited the PDO location in Muscat, Oman. Few of the topics were to gather information from their Engineering and Maintenance Contacts (EMC) and Oil Development Contacts (ODC), to review the PDO technical environment, setting up a WBS and creating a Workflow procedure.

In the mean time PDO IT is testing and scripting Cleopatra to make the seamless integration possible within their network environment.

Our next visit is planned at the end of August, after the data conversions, making custom reports and creating PDO related cases for the training to train the PDO people (QS, planners, CE) and the contractors in the practical use of the program.