On the 9th of February Cost Engineering Software organized it’s 9th Userday which was a great success. Almost all customers which were invited attended the event and seemed to be very pleased about the information they received regarding our developments. We thank you all for coming and we hope you enjoy the present you’ve received!

Like previous Userdays, the Userday 2006 was not only instructive regarding the field of cost engineering, it also presented the visitors with a lot of new developments in our software: the new release of Cleopatra was presented and distributed and a sneak preview of the new product "Cleopatra Enterprise" was given. People were very interested in the new developments and had an active participation in the workshop at the end of the day regarding the new functionality of Cleopatra Enterprise. If you think you have missed the opportunity to add a feature request or would like todiscuss a topic, you can always go to our forum to start a new topic on this. We are eagerly awaiting your suggestions….