In the second half of 2006 Cost Engineering Consultancy will release the first modules of a brand new software product that will get the name Cleopatra Enterprise.

Cleopatra Enterprise will be a cost engineering system primarily focused on cost engineering activities such as estimating and contracting out, for both owner and contractors. Cleopatra Enterprise supports your full project life-cycle process, starting from identification up to and including the abandonment phase. The product will be modularly built and will be based on the latest state-of-the-art software technologies.

Cleopatra Enterprise will have  the ability to:

  • support all kinds of estimates, from factored to detail
  • assist in management decision making
  • provide detail cost information for construction as well as maintenance projects
  • manage and control your contracts effectively
  • effectively support the bidding process of both owner and contractor
  • facilitate the cost engineer in working efficiently and deliver high quality work
  • integrate with the company’s work and business processes
  • be an easy-to-use system which can be implemented within your organization at low cost;
  • communicate between the various (external) information sources in every stage of life-cycle process

What can Cleopatra Enterprise do for you?

Cleopatra Enterprise supports you to improve your project profitability and to build a better foundation by rapidly generating and sharing precise and professional cost data information  whenever ‘project process estimating.’