More information EVM Workshop at the Cost Engineering Event

For the upcoming 4th edition of the Cost Engineering Event, taking place at 17 & 18 April, an additional workshop is organized about "Project Performance Measurements using EVM". This workshop will be hosted by Lance Stephenson and takes place at the third day of the Event (19 April). This highly interactive and intensive training course provides attendees with the latest practices, tools and techniques.

Our format combines real-world practical case study examples, hypothetical scenarios, role-playing, group exercises and tutorial style presentations with a focus on collaborative and interactive learning. 

The workshop gives delegates a practical insight in:

• Using EVA to measure performance successfully
• Managing time constraints in performance measurement
• Ensuring performance measures reflect goal of company
• Developing an effective and feasible project tracking plan
• Effectively analyse project schedules, budgets and technical performance
• Ensuring the process of the project conforms to guidelines

All-in-all a unique opportunity to benefit from. More information can be found at

Registrations have already started, so make sure you reserve your seat in time!

Looking forward to meet you at the Event and the Workshop!

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