CCT certification course open for registration!

September 5, 2012 Cost Engineering will kick off with the Certified Cost Technician (CCT) course. This unique program prepares you in 5 sessions for the official CCT exam by the AACE International. For everyone looking to expand their cost engineering knowledge and to be certified according to internationally acknowledged standards, this program is a unique opportunity.

The CCT course focuses on young professionals who want to become an expert in the field of cost engineering or project management. For them the CCT course is the first step towards occupying that vital position in a project team and towards a successful career in cost engineering or project management. However, the CCT course provides more depth than just the topics needed to complete the CCT exam. This means that also more experienced people can benefit from this course and even prepare themselves for the Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) exam.

During eight course days spread over five sessions, you will receive training from teachers that are seen as experts in their field. They will provide you with a unique blend of theoretical information and practical challenges. Their personal attention during classes will ensure that you will be challenged at an individual level.

The CCT course will be taught during 5 sessions which will take eight days in total spread over a period of six months. For more information on the topics and schedule of the course, visit

The costs for the CCT course are Euro 4.950,- which includes the eight course days, official AACE exam, study materials, lunch and drinks. Not included are any travel and subsistence costs.

You can register for the CCT course at (make sure to choose CCT course in the registration field). The available seats fot this course are limited so make sure you register in time!

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