New Cost Engineering Magazine by DACE

Recently, the Dutch Association for Cost Engineers (DACE) released a new magazine named COSTandVALUE. Cost Engineering would like to congratulate the people at DACE responsible for this initiative, with their achievement. The goal of the magazine is to provide an independent view on the cost engineering profession and to share knowledge about the latest developments in the field.

As such it will be an interesting magazine for everyone involved in the field of cost engineering and cost management.

Besides a lot of interesting articles, COSTandVALUE also contains interviews with people from the industry, a column, information about DACE seminars, courses, etc. In the first issue you can find for example the following articles:

- Investment analysis; efficiency and risk
- A synopsis of the estimating methodology: Standard systematics cost estimating
- Applying Value Engineering in Design & Construct projects
- BIM (Building Information Modeling)
- System- and Risk management in area development projects

The magazine is free for DACE members. If you are interested but not a member of the DACE you can request an issue by sending an email to Also, if you came across interesting articles or if you would like to advertise in COSTandVALUE you can contact them on the above email address.

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