Cost Engineering Academy – CCT course

In our Cost Engineering Academy we share our knowledge to educate and train the next generation of cost engineers. Our latest addition to our course program is specifically targeted towards young professionals who pursue a career in cost engineering or project management.

The Certified Cost Technician (CCT) course will teach you the techniques of estimating, planning and cost control for the various stages of a project, as well as statistics, economics and finance. Having this knowledge will kick-start your career in the industry.

As Cost Engineering is recognized by the AACE as an Approved Education Provider (AEP) we have qualified trainers who understand what you need to know in order to achieve the status of CCT or even CCE (Certified Cost Engineer).

Becoming a Certified Cost Technician is challenging. The Cost Engineering Academy has a unique approach to help you build your career as soon as possible. During eight course days spread over five sessions, you will receive training from teachers that are seen as experts in their field. They will provide you with a unique blend of theoretical information and practical challenges, making sure you can become a Certified Cost Technician within six months.

Part of the CCT course, is the opportunity to participate in the official AACE CCT exam. Moreover, as a graduate with a certain level of practical experience you are also eligible to do the Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) exam, by the international standards of the AACE.

The Cost Engineering CCT course starts in April 2012 and a second group in September 2012. For more information, see Cost Engineering Academy or contact us at or +31 (0)78 620 0910.

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