DACE asks for your help

The DACE (Dutch Association of Cost Engineers) is known for publishing the 'DACE Prijzenboekje' (Price Booklet). The DACE Price Booklet provides cost data for capital projects in the process industry. They are looking for your help to optimize their services.

DACE is considering to publish their unique, specific and up-to-date cost information on internet in partnership with Sdu Uitgevers (publisher). To get a clear view on your needs and wishes, they would very much appreciate if you would be so kind to take part in a questionnaire.

Your participation will help them to make crucial decisions for their website. The questionnaire will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

The information provided will be analyzed with other results and will be used to draw conclusions. Your identity will be kept anonymous and will not be disclosed.

DACE is a member of ICEC (International Cost Engineering Counsel).

If you like to take a look at the unique, specific up-to-date cost information of the latest 'DACE Prijzenboekje (Price booklet), please visit: 'example prijzenboekje'

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