Engineering Knowledgebase

Cost Engineering Consultancy offers a wide range of standard cost data that can be used as a solid base for your cost estimates. The latest addition to our extensive cost database is the Engineering knowledgebase.

In every project, engineering work needs to be done and therefore needs to be included in a cost estimate. With the Engineering knowledgebase you have a solid base for estimating the costs for engineering work. Not only do you have the latest norms regarding standard man-hours and costs, you also have an overview of all the costs that are involved in engineering. This makes sure you don’t forget to include important costs, allowing your budget to be as accurate as possible.

The Cost Engineering knowledgebase for Engineering has all the information you need for estimating engineering work. From process flow diagrams to equipment studies, all engineering related work is included in this knowledgebase.

As with all other available knowledgebases, the Engineering knowledgebase can directly be used in Cleopatra Enterprise to make your estimating process even more convenient.

For more information about the Engineering knowledgebase and how it can add value to your projects, contact us by email or telephone +31 (0)78 620 0910