Estimating of Engineering

Cost Engineering Consultancy is proud to introduce the latest addition to our Cost Engineering Academy courses. The 1-day Estimating of Engineering course focuses on the cost of the actual engineering work.

The engineering work and how this should be incorporated in a cost estimate is sometimes not fully understood. This course aims to give you a better understanding about the role of engineering in your projects and the different methods used to estimate engineering costs.

The Estimating of Engineering course will not only give you valuable insights in how to keep down the costs for your engineering phases, but can also help you in avoiding budget overruns. During this course participants will gain a deeper understanding about the position of engineering within a project, before looking into the cost build-up for each discipline. For example for process engineering you will learn how you can easily determine the amount of diagrams you need. For project management you will also learn the amount of effort needed to manage an engineering project.

The teaching material is approached from different points of view (f.e. project management, cost estimation, cost control). Therefore this course is both useful for participants looking to gain a better understanding of engineering and its role in estimating as well as for professionals working at engineering companies who want to structure and improve their estimating process.

Participants will be triggered to apply the learned methodologies in several cases during the course. As with the other Cost Engineering Academy courses, the Estimating of Engineering course focuses on individual attention to make sure participants learn things they can apply in their everyday work.

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