55th Annual Meeting AACE

From June 19-22 Cost Engineering visited the AACE 55th Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California. Cost Engineering actively participated during this event, by giving a presentation about the DACE Labor Norms, and showcasing Cleopatra Enterprise.

Furthermore, we had our own Cost Engineering Consultancy booth next to our partner Conquest Consulting Group. Because of the large amount of visitors, there was a good amount of traffic at our booth. The fact that we gave away some very nice CEC shirts might have contributed to that as well…

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On the first day, our colleague Martin van Vliet gave an interesting lecture on the DACE Labor Norms. The topic of what labor norms are and how they can be used as industry standards was found very interesting and opened the door to many valuable discussions. You can download Martin’s presentation here:


Because many people were interested in our cost estimation software Cleopatra Enterprise, we organized a showcase to demonstrate the program. The possibilities of the software caused a lot of excitement in the audience.

The AACEI annual meeting was also a perfect opportunity to meet new people and to hear about the developments in the industry. In fact, we already made our reservation for next year’s 56th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas!