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From October 4th till October 7th another edition of the Cost Engineering Intensive will take place. The Cost Engineering Intensive is one of the leading European courses in the field of cost estimating and cost management specifically aimed at the oil and gas industry, but also applicable for many other industries. In four days it addresses all facets of cost engineering starting off with the position of cost engineering in an organization and teaching estimating, factor estimating and cost control.

This course is taught in English and combines both theoretical knowledge with a practical approach on subjects that cost engineers encounter in their day to day work. There will be interactive discussions on approaching various problems. What is the best method to estimate process equipment? What strategy should I consider when setting out a tender for
a contract award based on unit-rates? What parameters determine the value of your contingency? How should you derive your earned value? Different methods and techniques related to estimating and cost control are explained and put into practice by working out cases. And in between you can enjoy a nice lunch and coffee breaks to make sure you have enough time to absorb the newly acquired knowledge.

This course is specifically aimed at people who are interested in learning more about cost engineering in a short time. The small groups ensure that you will receive answers on your questions and that time might be available to look into questions from your daily operations
in relation to the subjects taught. The four consecutive days allow you to pick up information faster as all subjects are closely related. This means you can use the practical information you have learned directly in other subjects during the Cost Engineering Intensive.

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