Cost Engineering, industry leader in cost estimating and cost management services and software, is proud to announce the release of our 2010 cost knowledgebases!

2010 is only one month old. We have worked hard on making a new release of our Cost Engineering Knowledgebase available. This data is based on the industry standard DACE. Naturally all information has been indexed according to the market developments in 2009. Moreover, we have added the following:

  • Enhancement of unit-rates with post weld heat treatment and pre-heating (piping install)
  • Extension of unit-rates for NDT
  • Marked prices for piping supply
  • Enhancement of piping Bill of Quantities rates
  • Improvement of Cost Engineering Standard Structural Steel unit-rates.
  • Extension of Marine Services,
  • Updated Cost Breakdown Structure for Marine Services

This is only the first release of 2010 knowledgebases. We have planned many more major improvements during the course of this year.

As always, this release is freely available for clients with a maintenance contract on the knowledgebases. If you are interested in retrieving our Cost Engineering knowledgebases, please contact our sales department: