Cost Engineering, the industry leader in the field of cost estimating and cost management software is proud to announce the release of Cleopatra Enterprise 3.5. This is a major release which includes availability of a complete new module: Project Analysis.

 Cleoaptra_35_release Cleopatra Enterprise’s new Project Analysis module allows your organization to learn from your past projects. You can compare multiple projects or multiple estimates within projects. It is also possible to compare your current estimates with your historical data. Your comparisons can be made from a global overview, but can also focus on the details to analyze your scope development.
As validation of your estimate is important, the project analysis module allows you to validate your estimates quicker and more accurately. And it also enables you to assess your currency spread and the resulting risk for your project, enabling you to think ahead.


Last but not least, with the introduction of our Project Analysis module you are now able to include time into your estimates. With our advanced scheduling feature you are able to create multiple schedules and calculate cash flow with a single mouse click.
Naturally we have also improved our existing modules. Some of the key improvements is the enhancement of calculation sheets. It is now possible to calculate any of the fields of a cost assembly. This allows you to include advanced calculations for equipment or include a wide range of piping norms with a single assembly.



The best way to experience the improvements in Cleopatra Enterprise 3.5 is to see it for yourself. If you are a user of Cleopatra Enterprise, and you have a valid maintenance contract, you will be upgraded to Cleopatra Enterprise 3.5 automatically. If you do not use Cleopatra Enterprise, please use the form on our website to apply for a demonstration. Of course you are also welcome to call your Cost Engineering contact person to set an appointment for a personal demonstration.

If you would want a complete overview of all improvements in Cleopatra Enterprise 3.5 you can also take a look at the overview in the Cleopatra Enterprise 3.5 release notes.