Last November a team of Cost Engineering visited their reseller FB Management in Sweden. They are the latest reseller who joined Cost Engineering. Besides a visit and training at the office of FB, Cost Engineering also visited some companies who are interested in the products and services of Cost Engineering.

Several companies have been visited during their stay in Sweden. Cost Engineering notices that many of their potential customers work with Excel. In some cases this is sufficient, but most of the times it is time consuming and not the best option for efficient cost engineering. For example Cleopatra Enterprise has a scheduling/cash flow tool. This tool makes it so much easier to do a project analysis. This is just one of the tools which make the life of a cost engineer so much better! Cost Engineering presented Cleopatra Enterprise at these company visits and their “audience”was impressed and saw the potential of the tool to do their work more efficient and with higher accuracy. The type of work ranges from estimating maintenance tasks to complete revamps in the power industry. For instance, Vatenfall was visited. Their challenge is to estimate projects which involve redesigning units by using the latest state of the art technology available in the nuclear sector. It was demonstrated how Cleopatra Enterprise can support this process.

From their offices in Göteborg and Stockholm FB Management will service the Nordic countries. FB Management offers solutions and services related to project management, project planning, process development and calculation & simulation. FB focuses on providing a complete project management solution suit. Cleopatra fits perfectly within this vision.

In the future FB Management intends to use Cleopatra Enterprise themselves for internal projects. With this practical experience they will be able to advise and support their clients in the best possible way. To increase their knowledge of the system the team of Cost Engineering provided staff of FB training on Cleopatra Enterprise. This course was received with great enthusiasm and many discipline engineers as well as project managers attended this training. In the elaborate four day Cost Engineering Intensive training. This training deals with the cost engineering principles,different types of estimates, methods etc, applied in Cleopatra Enterprise.

Quote of one of the attending project managers:

I wish I would have had
this knowledge in my last project.”

Besides training there was a lot of time for questions. These meeting are always a good opportunity to level with each other. It gives Cost Engineering more insight in specific needs etc from the clients in the Nordic countries. Off course their feedback is very valuable to Cost Engineering and is taken back to the Netherlands for further development.

At the end of the week, both parties concluded it was a successful week. The management of FB also sees great potential in the class 4 estimate validations which Cost Engineering provides as a service and closer cooperation is expected.  A bright future lies ahead for the cooperation between FB Management and Cost Engineering.

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