THE HAGUE – Interview with Aziez Mohamedhoesein, member of the REP-team working on the preparations for realization of the extension of the refinery in Suriname, and the cooperation with Cost Engineering.

Cost Engineering is assisting Staatsolie Suriname with the feasibility study, validation of the 10% and 20% estimates. The aim of this new refinery is to double the production to 15,000 barrels per day. With this quantity Suriname should be able to fulfill in their own needs and it will also leave some for exportation. The FED3-phase is nearing the end and the Detailed design, Procurement and Construction (EPC) will be started shortly. If all goes well the new refinery should be in production by mid 2013. 

The major challenge of this part of the project is cost and progress control. At the start there wasn’t someone specific responsible for this at Staatsolie Suriname, the main focus lay on engineering, this resulted in a lack of reports and therefore the progress was not clear. Transparency of costs is very import to get a reliable estimate. Further on in the process Cost Engineering also kept an eye on cost control and progress. Cost Engineering plays an active role in the process and is considered part of the team and the Staatsolie Suriname family. Because of the very reliable estimate of Cost Engineering, which is used as the base for the further project, this also offers a trustworthy foundation and good confidence in the success of this project. Without the estimate of Cost Engineering the approval phase would have had a serious delay, this was luckily prevented.


The people of Staatsolie Suriname are eager to learn and are going through a process of growth. They are glad they have the opportunity to learn from the expertise of others, for example the people from Cost Engineering. 

Staatsolie Suriname is proud of their values and carries them out throughout all of their processes; they also stimulate their suppliers to do the same. For example, they make their contribution to the local community to hire local companies for specific jobs. And open communication with all the layers of people within the company should be possible. There are no barriers for discussion and feedback or comments are welcome and are very much appreciated. This is the culture of Staatsolie. Cost Engineering is welcomed as a family member, this also contributed to the success of this joined effort.

After finishing the FED the relationship between Staatsolie and Cost Engineering is not over. Staatsolie also obtained Cleopatra Enterprise. Staatsolie Suriname is an ambitious company and has an open mind about the future. There are plenty of new projects and developments for the future and possibly there will be a role for Cost Engineering again. Cost Engineering can also assist in cost engineering training and development. With this project and collaboration a connection is made. Staatsolie Suriname will definitely recommend Cost Engineering to other companies without any doubts.

Quote of Mr. Aziez Mohamedhoesein:

“Every project is different,
but the success of a project depends on
the composition team”