Cost Engineering New Office

Cost Engineering has extended and renovated its office instead of moving to a new place.


To begin with, why did we need the extension? 

Because Cost Engineering has been growing. A couple of months ago, six new colleagues started working on the very same day! So, it was a natural progression to extend the office. While the extension has added more spaces to work in, the renovation has made our spaces more enjoyable to collaborate with each other when working. Also, we are able to spend more fun time at the office.

'We are happy to change the structure of the office and have more functional and enjoyable spaces.’

- Christiaan des Bouvrie, CEO

How has the structure of the office changed?

The structure of the office has changed as we have a more modern office with glass walls opening up light and transparent spaces. Also, the functionality is the key for us. With many engineers collaborating during the projects, small meetings are more and more needed following the agile principles. As a result, having high desks and chairs through the corridor is a clever idea.

How have we made the decisions on the social areas?

The canteen has been the most social area in the office for a long time. Now, the idea of having a game room and a terrace is unsurprisingly welcomed. Having new spaces to have fun together is appealing to us all! To guide our decisions about these places, we wanted colleagues to be involved in the process and tell us what they would like to have there.


It has been very exciting to actually see this project come to life! So, we wanted to share some pictures here.

New chapter in our history

The renovation and extension of the office have been completed while we were witnessing each step of the process. It has been an exciting time for Cost Engineering and the new office is the start of a new chapter in our history.

We hosted an open house in October to celebrate the new office together. So, if you are wondering about how the new office looks, have a look at the following pictures and come and visit us in our brand-new office to have a cup of coffee with us! Contact: