The Seminar ‘The Future of Project Controls’

Cost Engineering and Witteveen+Bos hosted the seminar ‘The Future of Project Controls’ which focused on the infrastructure projects. The aim was to increase the awareness of the changing landscape of project controls and the need for total cost management in the industry.

The seminar met an enthusiastic response from many companies. 43 people representing 36 companies participated in the Seminar on 30 March to exchange information and ideas.

The opening speech of the seminar was given by Gideon Klipstein, the Vice President Business of Cost Engineering. Following the opening, Leonie Koops, Business Unit Manager of Witteveen+Bos presented the introduction case while Erik Schulte Fischedick, Team Manager of Witteveen+Bos and Martin van Vliet, Business Director of Cost Engineering highlighted the key aspects during the practical case. 

Integrated project controls

The main theme of the seminar was explaining the need for an integrated solution where the different departments, cost estimating and project controls, work closely together. What is missing in this synergy was described as the feedback loop during the execution phase, which could enable to collect data and apply big data analysis. The total cost management approach could make the difference between making a loss and making a profit, the speakers pointed out.

Also, the importance of the transparency between the owner and contractor involved in the infrastructure project was emphasized. Martin van Vliet, Business Director of Cost Engineering, said: “Good scope and communication are essential. Establishing a good relationship is profitable to the projects.”

Following the presentations, a lively discussion ensued. The attendees considered the role of organizational culture and management in shaping the future of the project management. The general consensus was that the organizational culture and management are always important and that it is not only the right process, tools, and software the project controllers of the future need but also a supportive organizational culture and stimulating management. 

Overall, the seminar contributed to increasing the awareness of the need for total cost management, the integration of cost estimating and project controls, for the future success of infrastructure projects.


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