Collaboration with parties such as Honeywell

As Cost Engineering, we know from experience that projects in the Chemical industry are never standard. We have come across the complexity of such projects and the challenges that come along with it, which resulted in in-depth industry knowledge as well as intensive collaboration with well-known parties. An example is Honeywell; our software Cleopatra is in fact integrated with their UniSim tool.

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Cost Estimating for High Demanding Projects

Cost estimating for high-demanding projects

Our cost estimating services always result in a formal report. The contents of the report will be defined in the cost estimating plan. The report will cover the underlying project strategy, contingency descriptions, escalation and the project costs shown in a pre-agreed format. This to ensure our services are in line with all requirements of the high-demanding projects that are rule rather than exception in the Chemical industry.

Custom Knowledgebase

Custom knowledgebase for Wacker

For Wacker, one of the largest chemical companies in Germany, Cost Engineering has built a complete custom made knowledgebase for all of their estimating work. They use this database within our software Cleopatra Enterprise to increase efficiency of their estimating processes.  

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