Actively controlling costs

Investments in railroads have grown rapidly worldwide, partly due to technological advancements leading to increased complexity, whilst excessive project expenditures are more and more criticized since quite a lot of them are (semi-)publicly funded. This means that efficient, accurate cost estimating and actively controlling costs is of true added value. Cost Engineering can help realize this through our cost estimating and project control services, as well as our software Cleopatra Enterprise.

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High quality standard

For managerial decision making, you should be able to rely on your cost estimates. If a cost estimate does not represent the highest quality standards, there is a high risk of cancelling profitable projects or incurring cost overruns.

Cost Engineering makes sure your estimates provide a solid basis for decision making by following internationally acknowledged recommended practices and a structured estimating plan. For new cost estimates or validations of existing estimates (e.g. provided by your contractor) Cost Engineering can assist you during the full life cycle of your project, ranging from conceptual estimates with an accuracy of 50-40% up to detail estimates with an accuracy level of 1-5%.

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